Facility Renovations

2014 facility renovations at Bala GC

The following photos depict the recently completed renovations throughout the facility at Bala Golf Club. The work, completed in March 2014, included the addition of a new ladies’ locker room and a major renovation to the grill room. Additional work was completed in the men’s locker room, the ball room, and the men’s and women’s bathrooms in the clubhouse. The member's dining room and clubhouse entry were also freshly painted.

Ladies' Locker Room (now located between the men's locker room and grill)

ladies-locker1.JPG ladies-locker4.JPG
ladies-locker2.JPG ladies-locker3.JPG

Grill Room
grill3.JPG grill-bar2.JPG
grill4.JPG grill-billiards (2).JPG
grill-billiards2.JPG grill-hall.JPG

Ball Room

photo 3.JPG ballroom-podeum.JPG

Clubhouse Bathrooms
club-bath-w.JPG club-bath-m.JPG